ET VOICI – pioneer and learning farm

ET VOICI, as a pioneer and learning farm, aims to put Beninese poultry farming on a sustainability and animal welfare course.


Along with the international port in Cotonou, Beninese agriculture is the country’s economic spine. In Europe, the Beninese pineapple is a particular delicacy. African neighbors obtain rice, millet, sorghum and corn from Beninese fields. Yams and cassava are served fresh or processed into gari, flour and tapioca. Palm oil, cotton, cashew, shea and coconut oil complete the Beninese top ten.

Nevertheless, and as is so often the case, the supply of the domestic market in Benin also ticks differently. Due to the rapidly increasing population growth, the demand for high-quality protein is also rising at a record pace. Special measures are needed here.

Young man with a combat rooster in front of an ET VOICI Logo Background
BARRKA hands-on projekt: Pioneer and Learning farm

BARRKA Hands-on Marketing Project

BARRKA responds to this demographically driven trend with ET VOICI. ET VOICI sees itself as a pioneer and learning farm in the sector of poultry breeding and keeping. Click here for the farm’s own website