German-African DNA

BARRKA S.A.R.L. is a Beninese-German communication and marketing agency based in Cotonou, Bénin. Our consulting and service solutions are an African-German, German-African  answer to the rapid development of Africa, to international cooperation and the great need for dialogue and mutual connectivity.

BARRKA stands for agrocultural competence in communicationGreen agency

Benin is an agricultural country. In addition to the international port, agriculture is the economic spine of the country. Sixty percent of Benin’s land is arable! This fact sets the themes for us, which is why we set ourselves up as an agricultural content agency.

In contrast to the neighboring Niger and Burkina Faso, where the international players of genetic engineering and agrochemistry have a great influence, in Benin many things are still “quite organic” and therefore interesting for sustainability projects.

BARRKA supports Beninese actors in production and transformation to achieve their profitability and visibility goals.

As initiator and sponsor of model projects of Avi, Pisci and Éntomo culture (poultry, fish and insect farming), BARRKA has operational inside views and thus a better understanding of the African agricultural market and its mechanics. We are proud to contribute to the development of the country through these hands-on projects.

Intercultural enterprise

As an intercultural company we are not only present in African but also in German target markets and milieus. We do not only cross borders between continents, but also between the countries of West and Central Africa. We do not propagate diversity, we live it. Thanks to our relationships with a large number of high-ranking institutional and traditional representatives, we can also open one door or another for you.

This makes BARRKA Communication interesting for African actors. It makes BARRKA Communication as well interesting for the German economy, politics, culture and media scene.


Last but not least, we understand and speak a variety of African languages in addition to English, French and German. Our BARRKA Hausa network stands for a variety of high-potential contacts in Benin, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and worldwide.

Photo & Video Production

In addition to marketing and communication consulting, initiation of business and institutional contacts, branding, PR, trade fairs and events, we also focus on photo and video production.

The BARRKA Photo and Video Unit offers its customers a comprehensive service portfolio of photo and video production, image editing, video editing and montage as well as numerous creative additional services.

Virtual in a real world

BARRKA focuses on digitally driven solution strategies for marketing and communication. Today, no one will play web, mobile and social media campaigns as an accompaniment to classic communication via TV and print. In the media orchestra, digital media and cell phones / PCs as play-out devices have long been setting the tone.

In the practical implementation, however, we stick to what we do best – branding, conception, design and content. For the development and administration of complex backend structures, mobile, security and store features, we always call in proven specialists as external service partners.

Classical advertising in the best hands

Despite our commitment to digital, we do not consider haptic advertising media – annual reports, brochures and business cards – to be in any way unattractive or superfluous. That’s why you can expect us to be even enthusiastic and competent with classical advertising as we are with digital.

In short: Your classic project is also in the best hands with us. Just take a quick look at our convincing references.

Impact & Transparency

Thanks to BARRKA’s expertise in local African and German-European requirements and working methods,  you will benefit from target-oriented and effective results. As we are a Beninese-German communication and marketing agency you get from us the best from both sides: You will appreciate a transparent and comprehensible workflow and pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation.


  • Your contact person for all questions concerning your business, artist and event management: Safoura Ousmane 00229 96724671.